Rhyolite Aviation


Flying.  What a rush! Remember your first lesson?  How about that incomparable feeling of freedom on your first solo?  Recall actually fitting into a Cessna 150?

For a growing portion of the aviation community, It seems that the ability to board a light aircraft is inversely proportional to the resources available to recreate;  meaning, the older and more successful we get the more we can afford to fly, but the less able we are to get in the plane to fly.

General aviation has long catered to the small agile physique of the mythical 5’10” 170 lb. male, but what about the rest of us?

Welcome to the land of big people!  Our aim is to make flying accessible for those on the outside looking in; fun for big and small alike and for those with a disability, the possibility.


Custom Planes for Custom People!

“When we were young, Mom bought a ’57 Cessna 172. At first, all seats were full for most flights.  Only a few months passed before interest waned, some were only interested in going flying if the other front seat was available.  This behavior reveals a desire in most folks to participate;  it is the basis for our design philosophy today.  Rather than a fast 6 seat airplane to get to your destination, one person doing all the flying, the rest riding, How about a gaggle of side by side safe and affordable two seaters so everyone gets to fly and enjoy the trip.  Flying is after all about the voyage, not so much the destination!